Bienvenido a Fiscontrol Assessors.

Welcome to Fiscontrol Assessors.

 Founded in 1985, Fiscontrol Assessors is a legal and tax services firm in Palma de Mallorca with a long-lasting tradition.

 We provide services in four main areas: Tax Advisory, Finance-Accounting, Corporate and Legal. Our main clients are small and medium sized companies as well as self-employed professionals.

 Our firm is focused on client’s specific needs. We keep you updated of the latest legal amendments on Spanish regulations or any tax press release faster than others.  

 Our multi-disciplinary team of high-skilled people (auditors, teachers, economists, lawyers ...) can advise you on all areas offered. You can access our technical network in four different languages (Spanish, English, German and Catalan) which allows us to overcome language barriers helping our clients get their problems solved through a closely relation.

Fiscontrol We have been providing services since 1985
Fiscontrol Specialists in tax Inspections
Fiscontrol Tax Advisory, Finance-Accounting, Corporate and Legal advising
Fiscontrol We meet in several languages